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Young Playwrights Festival

City Theatre Company

Director: Tru Verret-Fleming

Media Designer: Joseph Amodei

Assistant Media Designer: Davine Byon

Lighting Designer: Nicole White

Costume Designer- Jaime Ericson

Costume Designer- Amelia Benson

Props Designer: Abigail Stone-Huchko Script

Dramaturg (Stereotyping)- Sally Kozminski

Dramaturg (Neighbors)- Kim El

Dramaturg (Deus Ex Machina)- Mora Harris

Dramaturg (Spark in the Cave) - Matt Henderson

Dramaturg (The Old Therebefore) - Schereéya Reed

Dramaturg (Souls of River Yewa)- TJ Young

Photos: Sean Cameron Means

City Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival stages professional productions of six winning, one-act plays chosen from nearly 400 Young Playwrights Contest submissions.

Caitlyn Abbett Playwright - The Old Therebefore

Spencer Anderson Playwright - Spark in the Cave

Arinola Bejide Playwright - Souls of River Yewa

Clara Lopresti Playwright - The Old Therebefore

Margaret Mateya Playwright - Deus ex Machina

Grace Ruschak Playwright - Neighbors

Amelia Staresinic Playwright - Stereotyping

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