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A Public Reading of an Unproduced
Screenplay About The Death of Walt Disney 


ManBites Dog Theater 

By: Lucas Hnath

Director: Joseph Megel

Projection/Media/Sound Designer: Joseph Amodei

Scenic Designer: Sonya Drum

Lighting Designer: Andy Parks

Costume/Props Designer: Tori Ralston

Photos: ManBites Dog Theater

Tonight, Walt is going to read you a story he wrote – a story about his last days on Earth, his ungrateful workers, and his suicidally uncooperative rodents. A story about the City of Tomorrow he’s going to build if people will just get out of his way. A story about his family and everyone who loves him so much, and about how sad they’re all going to be when he’s gone. All aboard for a darkly hilarious – and oddly resonant – theme park ride into the head of a a visionary 20th century artist, businessman, and world-class narcissist. Welcome to the Craziest Place on Earth!

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