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Looking for the Horizon 

Horizon Line 01
Horizon Line 02

Looking for the Horizon, an installation I co-created with sound artist Travis Wright, operates as an immersive experience that guides a viewer into a meditative state and then asks the viewer questions about their everyday life, e.g. the viewer’s favorite color, what sounds make them relax, and whom they last hugged. The software I made for this project collects the words spoken out loud by the participant when answering these questions and amalgamates them into a visual, poetic reinterpretation. The software also communicates with projection-mapped video content, audio and various control mechanisms that make the user experience intuitive and clear. At the end of the experience, it prints the poem through a networked receipt printer so that participants can take the poem with them. The goal is to provide a moment of relaxation that ends with a transaction of poetic exchange, rather than monetary exchange.

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