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Fully Expressed:
The Lyricist's 

Kelly Strayhorn Theatre

Curator and Performer: Adam "FRH" Golden

Media Designer: Joseph Amodei

Associate Media Designer: Davine Byon

Performer: DehKewlz

Performer: Lyss Scott

Performer: YS1 Yusef Shelton Da First

DJ: Arie Cole

Lighting & Scenic Designer: Jonathan Bucci Productions

Sound Engineer: Steve Graham

Audio Design & Integration: Broughton Ganaway

Associate Scenic Design & Stage Manager: Garrett Lynch

Photos: Beth Barbis

Building towards the premiere of 7NMS’ PROPHET: The Order of the Lyricist, Fully Expressed, The Lyricists’ Journey brings together Pittsburgh based Emcees for a celebration of their artistry. The evening showcases performances and songwriting mastery from artists who express themselves through hip hop, highlighting the personal pathways, trials, and triumphs that have brought them closer to full expression. Curated by Adam “FRH” Golden, Fully Expressed features YS1 Yusef Shelton Da First, Lys Scott , DehKewlz, and FRH Golden himself along with Arie Cole. Following the concert Everett Saunders, Marjani Forté-Saunders, and Rahaman Kilpatrick engage the artists in a discussion about the Emcee’s craft.

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