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the dance floor, the hospital room, and the kitchen table

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

Director and Research and Creator: Lyam B. Gabel

Projection/Media Designer: Joseph Amodei

Scenic Designer: Sangwha Shin

Lighting Designer: André Segar

Sound Designer: Hannah Gluvna

Clothing: Jean-Luc Deladurantaye

Dramaturgy: Kaiti Barta

Photos: Louis Stein and Joseph Amodei

What does solidarity look like in this moment? What can we learn from those who lived through another moment of great pain and instability about how to care for one another in this time? Slipping between the present and the past the theater is transformed into intimate places-- a disco dance floor, a hospital room, and a kitchen table. One queer family navigates these spaces and their relationships to each other, becoming, interacting with, and learning from a chorus of voices from a critical moment in the queer liberation movement. From lesbians stepping in to deal with the state-sponsored genocide of gay men by AIDS to a celebration of all-night dance partners the dance floor, the hospital room and the kitchen table interrogates what unites and divides us as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and posits a utopian topography in the spaces between us.

Created with 22 long form oral history interviews and archival research.

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