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The Atlas of Depression

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

The good news is, nothing is ever going to come along and make life worth living.
The bad news is the bad news.

What is depression? What is it here, and what is it now? None of the words we have for depression feel quite right, and we’re afraid to speak the ones we know might be better. Performed in a landscape of living rooms, Atlas of Depression mixes documentary voices from the CMU School of Drama community with an open-mic karaoke party. Using testimony, media, and the “empty orchestra” of karaoke, Atlas will strive to answer the question, at least for one night: What is it?

Director and Creator: Eben Hoffer

Projection/Media Designer: Joseph Amodei

Scenic Designer: Selby Souza

Lighting Designer: Sean Nielson

Sound Designer: Joshua Brown

Costume Designer: Claire Mildred

Dramaturgy: Natalie Schmidt

Photos: Louis Stein

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