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The Theater Offensive & Kelly Strayhorn Theater
(Upcoming at Woolly Mammoth Theater)


Created and Performed by Adil Mansoor

Co-Directed by Adil Mansoor and Lyam B. Gabel

Media Systems Designer: Joseph Amodei

Creative Consultant: Sharlene Bamboat

Projections Designer: Davine Byon

Assistant Director: Pria Dahiya

Stage Manager: Leslie Huynh

Sound Designer: Aaron Landgraf

Video Designer: Bleue Liverpool

Scenic & Lighting Designer: Xotchil Musser

Photos: Beth Barbis

Amm(i)gone, an adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone, is an apology to and from a mother.

Creator and performer Adil Mansoor explores queerness, the afterlife, and obligation using canonical texts, teachings from the Quran, and audio conversations between him and his mother. Since discovering his queerness, Mansoor’s mother has turned towards her faith in an attempt to save her son in the afterlife. In an effort towards healing, Mansoor has invited his mother to join him as dramaturg and co-conspirator. In reading, discussing, and translating various adaptations of the source play, together they mine Greek tragedy, Islamic traditions, and their own memories to create an original performance locating love across faith.

Can prayer substantiate care? Can care manifest as artistic methodology and inquiry? Can Mansoor and his mother contend with Antigone’s fate?

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