Worked Space:  ft. Glue Chains



Worked Space: ft. Glue Chains

Installation, hot glue, spray paint, pvc pipe


Golden chains and fence posts surround objects in a seemingly neutral space. A border is placed around a decorative tree, a clover patch, a lamppost, and a manhole. These now enclosed objects don’t seem out of place to the everyday passerby, but who put them there? How did a norm for ‘public’ spatial arrangement arise? How is it perpetuated? The installed borders around the everyday objects look semi-official because they replicate common materials – but on second glance, one realizes that they are a little ‘soft-looking’, slightly slanted, and the chains make no sound when they move. They appear gold plated at first; difficult to tell that they are made of hot glue and P.V.C. pipe, not metal. In time, they begin to decay, reverting back to their original plastic form: gold to bronze to rusted metal and finally, back to plastic. The process of decay on display in a ‘public’ setting allows a passerby to question the authority and history of space. “Who dictates the aesthetics of space?” The installations highlight the spatial environment and ask us to look again. What have we normalized in our visual culture? What do we not pay attention to in our everyday environments? 

jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer