Who Does Your Work Honor?



Who Does You Work Honor?

Sound Collage Documentation of an Interview-Performance

16 min.


This is the documentation of an interview-performance done for Berlin Art Week. The central question of my interview was: who does your work honor? I walked through the space, asking this question, recording responses, and sharing my own thoughts as I tried to generate discussion. To clarify the purposes of my seemingly simple question: by ‘who,’ I desired to imply not only one’s influences, but also other people or mentors that inspire one’s drive/motivation; by ‘work,’ I meant what one does, or chooses to do, with one’s time. I decided to employ this broad phrasing (as I began the conversation) to open up a dialogue to a variety of people passing through the space – artists, onlookers, and those who showed up by happenstance, offering anyone who entered the space a chance to be part of an artwork by interactively engaging in the sharing of personal experiences. Allowing the art space to become a place with a definition more akin to the convergences of art and life, validated, in this instance, through the performative act of communication.

jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer