One  Size  fits  All



One Size Fits All

Video, performance, installation

53 min.


A series of six rituals that attempt to explore complacency in consumer society through a manner that implements the language of aphorisms and adages -- combined with mixing of video languages such as film and game show styles. An attempt to make the repulsion/attraction spectrum relatable to those with and without an understanding of 'art' proper due to the wide spectrum of encompassing product associations. An exploration of bringing together the boundaries of video and performance. 
Watch it all at once or the beginnings of each ritual below:
#1 - 00:00
#2 - 02:26
#3 - 06:01
#4 - 10:26
#5 - 23:49

#6 - 35:16

jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer