Junket Device: FAlsehood & Kindness



Junket Device: Falsehood and Kindness

Collected Video, Secret Camera, Chevy S-10

15 min.


‘Junket Device: Falsehood and Kindness’ is composed of footage from a three-month, 12,000-mile solo journey I took around the USA in the summer of 2013. I wore a secret camera disguised as a smiley face pin, which recorded many of my interactions with people and places. I wanted to convey a sense of story without the self-absorbed arc and overplayed documentary narrative with which the iconic journey is often associated. As I was filming, this flimsy pin camera did not allow me to see what I was aiming at, and I had no idea what I had captured until a week later when I would unload everything and start again. The footage may not be technically beautiful, but I came to appreciate the stylistic demands it imposed on the final work. In the editing process, I tried to betray specific filmic conventions so that a sense of ‘truth’ was never established, but a feeling of ‘story’ still prevailed due to the memory-based collage format I employed.



jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer