In   Commemoration   Of



In Commemoration Of


35 min.


‘In Commemoration Of’ is a collection of monument footage from my time as an artist-in-residence in Berlin. I encountered an incredible quantity of monuments across the entire city, and I encircled them while filming, trying to consider the motivation for their erection. Then, I arranged the footage into a continuous merging of turns, visually melding each monument to the next. While I recognized some of the more prominent ones, for the most part, I found a sea of ‘important shapes’ – along with many conservative and dangerously nationalist tensions I observed and heard about. I made this circle of continuous examination to address the seemingly obvious pitfalls of history that threaten to return to the present with surprisingly similar trajectories. Underneath the projection surface lie sad-looking papier mache monuments for a ‘future history.’ Attempting to avoid didactic methods, I let the repetition of sound and video create a space that invites instead of demands consideration.


jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer