Comm  Anxiety:  Duration  in  Motion



Comm Anxiety: Duration in Motion

Durational Performance Documentation Manipulated in Video

3 min.


Anxiety is deeply rooted in our culture. Know someone who prefers to text or Internet chat over having to speak on the phone or in person?  In Comm Anxiety: Duration in Motion I explore the anxiety of ill considered digital communication through symptoms of anxiety:  isolation, endless duration, physical containment, and simply feeling cut off, but potentially present. In this 16 hour performance I place myself in a room with the intention of creating a physically and emotionally vulnerable state and continue to make myself as anxious as possible as I am left with only a computer and a phone, but no option for 'real' communication  -- just null devices turned to writing documents. Every hour a timer goes off with a resounding ring, signaling for me to collage a dollar bill to the canvas behind me as a nod to the expense of digital devices, services and the arbitrary construction of the rules guiding the performance, just as they guide inconsideration of communication.  In this video, the entire 16 hours is condensed down to three minutes.  No one has to fall victim to the sense of anxious isolation related to communication. As communication technology speed up and spread out indefinitely, taking on an active role of consideration could lead one to a 3 minute memory of a previously unaddressed anxiety instead of falling prey to a cyclical, unending and unsatisfying nervous relationship to communication.


jOseph Amodei

Artist & Theater Designer